How to support our local wine industry

I have had the opportunity to drink wine from many other countries, but as far as I am concerned no other country’s wine comes close to South African wine. Lock-down level 4, and the accompanying alcohol ban, is once again having a devastating effect on our local wine industry. We need to support our wine industry. Here’s how you and I can help…

Keep shopping online

Ordering online during the ban not only means you have something to look forward to once the ban lifts, but by shopping online you are giving farms and cellars a much needed cash boost enabling them to pay their staff and keep the lights on.

Support small & independent brands

Small, artisan brands feel the knock the hardest. Be sure to support them during this time.

Avoid illicit trade

Instead of paying an excessive amount of money to get your hands on a bottle of wine illegally, rather use that money to support the industry.

Pay full price where you can

Special deals are great, but remember that special deals and sales are often out of necessity and not financially viable for the survival of most smaller businesses.

Show some love

Share your favourite wines and brands on social media. Leaving a positive review on Facebook or Instagram not only gets the word out there, but also encourages small business owners in these difficult times.

Dear friends let’s save our wine industry together.



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